our hearts just get dissolved

just a copy of a copy of a copy of a copy.

"There are poems
inside of you
that paper can’t
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Sweater Weather (Acoustic) | The Neighbourhood

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Jay-z’s face is priceless lol!

LMFAO he looked surprise like

"Hey what are you…"

"Oh. OH! OKAY."

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my ultimate goal is to be at peace with myself, eliminate toxic feelings and elements and energies from my life, unlearn negative and harmful practices and thought patterns, stop checking for people that don’t check for me, create a space for myself that is nurturing for growth so that i may generate loving energy for myself and for others, nourish my spirit and balance my energies, i have big dreams and i deserve to live a life i love and let that love radiate

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This made tear up for real.

And we all know the answer…

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Let us be vividly clear about this.

What the New York Times did to Michael Brown today was not merely slander. It wasn’t a case of a lack of journalistic integrity.

Highlighting that a black teenager was “no angel” on the day he is being laid to rest after being hunted and…

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i hate looking ugly the first time i meet someone like wait i can do better than this i swear

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White people:You have to wait for the facts before you talk about Ferguson!
Eyewitnesses:He was on his knees with his hands up.
Medical examiner:There was no gunpowder residue on Mike Brown, no sign of struggle, and there were entry wounds on the inside of his arms and the top of his head, implying he was on his knees with his hands up.
Convenience store owner and clerk:There was no robbery and we didn't call the cops.
Ferguson PD:Okay, we admit it, Wilson didn't know anything happened at the convenience store and we determined no crime was committed.
White people:Nobody can say what happened! We still have to wait for the facts to come in!
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